Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sakura Viewing 2012


Wow, It is quite long time I didn't update any story mory here..Rinduu sgt nk update myblog ni..Don't know y my momentum to update anything is decreased drastically..haha..thats y, almost 2 weeks I think. hrmm..Eventho, lots of things that I wanted to share but again penyakit M.A.L.A.S telah melanda diriku..huhu

Okay..here, I wanna share with u guys some of the sakura pictures during our hanami at Kumamoto Castle, Tateoka Natural Park, Sakura street, Kasuga Park and the last one is Maizuru Park..Haha 1st time la katakan..eventho lenguh my knee bcoz byk berjalan during the sakura season but I tell you..It’s really worth and what I can say here is SubhanAllah..I'm so speechless during my first time experience with sakura viewing. It was a beautiful and even amazing scenery I ever had.. For those who are not familiar with 'hanami', it means picnic under the blooming of sakura aka cherry blossoms..Normally, sakura blooming is just around 1-2 weeks before it falls and the leaves come out. .=(

* Nice view of sakura with the blue sky *

* Nak kena pegang baru okay..kalau x asyik nak lari2 je..haishh anak mama ni =) *

* Kumamoto Castle *

* SuhanAllah...sunset view with sakura at Tateoka Natural Park, Uto *

* Hanami @ Maizuru Park *

* Pink version of sakura *

* Hanami @ Kasuga Park *

* Mawaddah & her dad with the sakura viewing *

* Peace no war from me ;) *

* me n encik husband terchenta *

* Mawaddah solehah..amin.. *

Bye-bye sakura 2012..I wish to see u again next year..insyaAllah..

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