Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hanabi 2012

The japanese word of fireworks is (花火,Hanabi) . Hanabi held every year across the country, mainly during the summer holidays. The special of Hanabi is there are some of the Japanese people dressed in yukata to enjoy the show. The firework shows typically start some time after sunset and the show duration is about 2 hours. Thats why we really excited to experience Hanabi since the vanue for Hanabi is just near by my house. There are variety types of beautiful Hanabi during the show and every time the Hanabi appeared, the audience will be shouted 'kirei ne' or in Malay if I'm not mistaken 'cantiknyer..The challenge to us during the show is to find good viewing spot in order to enjoy the Hanabi. Some of the people are reserved the best spot hours in advanced..In all, we really enjoyed with the show especially our little cutey daughter, Ainnur Mawaddah..This is the first experience for Mawaddah with fireworks...Okay, there are some pictures of us during the Hanabi show on 1st Sept 2012. 

* On the way to the Hanabi vanue..time tu waddah jerit..ayah..cepat..dum2..hehe*

* So crowded with peoples*

* Some of the Japanese wearing Yukata*

* Food stalls along the road*

* Dah la crowded, wadah pulak buat perangai nak jalan ikut  benteng tu..sian ayah layan anak dia tu..hehe*


Monday, September 24, 2012

Raya 2012 at Fukuoka, Japan

Mood raya dah habis baru terkedek2 nak upload pics raya kt sini..hehe..okay, dipendekkan cerita this year is our first raya diperantauan nun jauh dr family n friends..sedih sgt2 xterkata di pagi raya..tapi nak buat macamana..terpaksa berkorban kerana cita2 yg tinggi menggunung, raya di sini not bad jugak..ramai kawan2 yang xbalik, dalam hati tuhan je yg tau..First time jugak buat juadah raya sendiri..simple je pg raya tu buat rendang ayam n makan dengan nasi impit..Then, pg2 lagi g sembahyang di masjid Fukuoka n selepas tu berkunjung ke rumah terbuka kawan di sini..Alhamdulillah, mcm2 juadah ada..terubat la sikit rindu kat makanan malaysia..

Okay, Here some of our gathered pics during Hari Raya 2012..

>Us, infront of Fukuoka Mosque<
>Mawaddah in action<

>3 of us<

>Family Portrait<

>open house<

>open house<

>open house<

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Preparation Hari Raya 2012

Salam to everyone..
Its about 2months++ I didn't update anything in my blog..Since I have twitter, instagram & of course Fb account, it makes me forget for a while with world of blogging. hehe..alasan je tu..hopefully penyakit lupa tu xberpanjangan lagi..Now, I'm coming with new spirit and a lot more stories ++ pics are queuing to be published.. In this post I just want to share with all of you with my experience doing some preparation for hari raya as anak perantau di bumi Fukuoka ni..

There are a lots of things I need to do it by myself especially about foods preparation for myHubby on the first day of raya.. This year I've  prepared several types of kuih raya plus ordered online thru fb. Luckily there are Malaysian which located at Osaka that doing business on kuih raya..ambil kesempatan..order jelah...hehe..Alhamdulillah all my kuih raya just arrived yesterday..I've ordered almond london & tart nenas..For homemade, so far I've prepared chocolate chip & cornflakes madu and planned to do 2 more kuih which are kuih lidah kucing & biskut mazola..hihi..this raya was my first time doing homemande kuih.xtau la ape rasanya..=)

The best things when we talk about raya preparation of course preparation for our kids, for mawaddah we've bought 3 shirts and 2 pants plus baju kurung for the first raya.. Yes, eventho raya here is not happening like Malaysia but we still want to celebrate with our own way..try to act happy eventho in our hearts, only Allah knows what inside..this is our first time raya without our beloved friend and family.. Hopefully everything goes well.. Here, we celebrate raya just only 1 day n the day after, myhubby will go to lab as usual..

Actually, I've sent to several newspaper for salam perantau. Here is our pics for this year salam perantau. 

* Family pic during winter 2012 *

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin to my Family, relatives and friends. I wish this raya will full of joy and happiness and barakah as well for all of you..Love from Fukuoka.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Golden Week 2012 Part1: Strawberry picking @ Ito

Semenjak stay kt sini peti ais mmg xpenah kosong ngan buah strawberry..hehe..peminat buah strawberry ni..So, ajak MyHusband g cari mana2 farm nk petik fresh strawberry..hmm..hasil perbincangan dgn Abg Azli n kak Ida..Disebabkan cuti Golden Week (GW) dah start, Isnin lepas 30/4/2012 kami pun pergi la ke Ito untuk menuju ke strawberry farm seperti yg dihajati..kali ni nk mkn strawberry puas2..hehe..Mahal jugak entrance farm ni..1600yen per mkn puas2 baru keluar..Oh yer..lupa plak nak terangkan kt sini GW adalah cuti yang paling lama dlm kalendar Jepun disebabkan oleh cuti2 besar yang bersambung-sambung. Normally japanese akan amik cuti seminggu utk g vacation or what so ever..hee..k jom layan mypics during strawberry picking at Ito=)

* Ibu2 nk bergambar jugak..terpaksa la kaum bapa tgk kan anak2 *

In all, mmg best la strawberry picking ni..eventho mahal tp berbaloi sbb saiz buah yg besar n manis2 gitu..lepas ni teringin nk g Grape picking plak..=) k nnti nk update psal Part2 & Part3 of GW plak..tgguu..mmg cuti sakan la GW kali ni..hehe..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sakura Viewing 2012


Wow, It is quite long time I didn't update any story mory here..Rinduu sgt nk update myblog ni..Don't know y my momentum to update anything is decreased drastically..haha..thats y, almost 2 weeks I think. hrmm..Eventho, lots of things that I wanted to share but again penyakit M.A.L.A.S telah melanda diriku..huhu, I wanna share with u guys some of the sakura pictures during our hanami at Kumamoto Castle, Tateoka Natural Park, Sakura street, Kasuga Park and the last one is Maizuru Park..Haha 1st time la katakan..eventho lenguh my knee bcoz byk berjalan during the sakura season but I tell you..It’s really worth and what I can say here is SubhanAllah..I'm so speechless during my first time experience with sakura viewing. It was a beautiful and even amazing scenery I ever had.. For those who are not familiar with 'hanami', it means picnic under the blooming of sakura aka cherry blossoms..Normally, sakura blooming is just around 1-2 weeks before it falls and the leaves come out. .=(

* Nice view of sakura with the blue sky *

* Nak kena pegang baru okay..kalau x asyik nak lari2 je..haishh anak mama ni =) *

* Kumamoto Castle *

* SuhanAllah...sunset view with sakura at Tateoka Natural Park, Uto *

* Hanami @ Maizuru Park *

* Pink version of sakura *

* Hanami @ Kasuga Park *

* Mawaddah & her dad with the sakura viewing *

* Peace no war from me ;) *

* me n encik husband terchenta *

* Mawaddah solehah..amin.. *

Bye-bye sakura 2012..I wish to see u again next year..insyaAllah..