Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hanabi 2012

The japanese word of fireworks is (花火,Hanabi) . Hanabi held every year across the country, mainly during the summer holidays. The special of Hanabi is there are some of the Japanese people dressed in yukata to enjoy the show. The firework shows typically start some time after sunset and the show duration is about 2 hours. Thats why we really excited to experience Hanabi since the vanue for Hanabi is just near by my house. There are variety types of beautiful Hanabi during the show and every time the Hanabi appeared, the audience will be shouted 'kirei ne' or in Malay if I'm not mistaken 'cantiknyer..The challenge to us during the show is to find good viewing spot in order to enjoy the Hanabi. Some of the people are reserved the best spot hours in advanced..In all, we really enjoyed with the show especially our little cutey daughter, Ainnur Mawaddah..This is the first experience for Mawaddah with fireworks...Okay, there are some pictures of us during the Hanabi show on 1st Sept 2012. 

* On the way to the Hanabi vanue..time tu waddah jerit..ayah..cepat..dum2..hehe*

* So crowded with peoples*

* Some of the Japanese wearing Yukata*

* Food stalls along the road*

* Dah la crowded, wadah pulak buat perangai nak jalan ikut  benteng tu..sian ayah layan anak dia tu..hehe*


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