Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm coming back to this blogging world..

Hello..hello..anybody home??hehe
Assalamualaikum..I'm coming back to mengarut here and again melepaskan corat-coret kehidupan di sini.. Macam biskut pulak kan kejap ada kejap xder..hehe Actually menulis is not my expertise since sekolah rendah lagi..Everytime nak buat karangan mesti termenung dlu nak tulis ape. Kalau exam je mesti pendek karangan. Tapi lepas la nak dapat A for each of the exam..hehe..Okay..disebabkan kt Fukuoka ni mendung2 nak hujan gitu tetiba rasa feel pulak nak mengarang kt blog ni..rinduu plak..hehe lama xmenjenguk kan..
Okay..Since I registered as PhD student which is same faculty with my husband, I'm so damn busy as a wife and mama as well as a student. Alhamdulillah my sensei is so kind and he is very understanding. And the most important thing is that I promised to my self for not neglecting my responsible as a wife n mother to my cutey Mawaddah. InsyaAllah I will try my very best to do so.. Actually, doing PhD here is not my main purpose when I decided to come here. In my mind is that I just want to accompany my husband to persue his study here. But, although I plan, Allah also plans and Allah is the best planners. Thank You Allah for giving me this strength to continue my study up to this level. Ya Allah, please give me the best strength, health and ease our journey here and then. Ameen..

Okay lah..thats all for now and here are my random pics to be shared with all of you..

Autumn @Dazaifu 2012

Autumn 2012

Winter @Tenzan2012

Winter @Beppu 2012

Spring @ Kawachi Fuji Garden 2013

Spring @Huis Tein Bosch 2013

#Babaieverybody.....till we meet again..Jaga diri hiasi peribadi..

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