Thursday, February 23, 2012

Congratulations, Abang...

^ before he go to presentation ^

This entry I specially dedicate to my dear husband, Mohd Afzan Mohd Anuar. Actually, last week he had a entrance exam presentation for his PhD. Alhamdulillah, he passed the exam and will be officially a PhD student at Kyushu Uni this coming April. Congratulations dear..Semoga Allah permudahkan PhD abang sehingga tercapai cita2 abang dapat PhD, pelajaran habis darjah. Amin...Me n mawaddah will always behind to support you..L.O.V.E..

^ cake for him (thanks kak ida for the delicious cake) ^

^ 3 of us @ udon restaurant ^
^ dah lama xsuap2 kek since our wedding day ^

T.H.E E.N.D...

Friday, February 17, 2012

First time I went to Japan (Part 1: Training)


Actually this is my second time come to Japan. My first visit to Japan was in Feb2009 for attending a training on gas adsorption analyzer equipment with kak bihah at Osaka city. My company has bought equipment from BEL, a company in Japan and therefore, we as the user need to attend the training on operational of that equipment..It was winter season and I wanna share with u my first down experience. I prepared from the beginning with the proper winter attire because I truly know myself..seorg yg mmg sggt tidak tahan dengan sejuk even tdo pun pakai kipas  1st speed..haha..same goes to my husband =). Satu benda yg mmg kalau difikirkan takut during this traveling is that i was pregnant for Mawaddah about 4 or 5weeks..Yup..mmg la i was feeling like xsedap badan tp semangat nk g Japan tu, xlayan sgt perasaan tu..if me n my husband knew about this from the beginning of course my husband would think twice (or even more..) for giving me permission to attend the training.. Dah la naik flight at the early stage of preggy..takot..alhamdulillah..Allah maha kuasa..mmg dah ditakdirkan rezeki kami untuk mendapat cahaya mata pertama Ainnur Mawaddah..Waddah dlm perut lg da sampai Japan tau..hehe

Day 1
^ On our way to Osaka from Kansai Airport ^

^ us at BEL entrance lobby^

We departed from KLIA about 11++pm if i'm not mistaken and arrived Kansai Airport at about 6a.m early in the morning..Then we did as planned,straight away bought the ticket to Itami city where was our instructor waiting to fetch us up.. Hmm eventho I ada skit2 jetlag tambahan pulak xdpt tdo lena dlm flight..but we still need to proceed with the training..bila difikirkan..gilosh ape japannese ni..xkan nk terus training..but..I thought that was the key of success of japannese..they are always super duper passion with their their super best in everything they undertake..So, dengan mamainyer me n kbihah layan the training..i tell u what, dah la masih mamai, then kami dihidangkan with theory of the equipment. Technical training tu..woo.rasa nk pecah biji mata ni menahan dr nk t'lelap..teringat plak zaman belajar form 5 dulu..masa tu kelas add math..boley t'tdo n tetibe tgh mimpi yg best..rasa cam ada dulang besar nk jatuh on my head..rupa2nye..u know teacher tepuk meja n shouted loudly "haa..tido..tido.tido lagi" hehe terus fening2 lalat kejap tgk muka my teacher tu dpn mata..haha malu gilosh rasa terus fresh mcm br mandi pg..hehe..luckily, my instructor time tu xwat cam arwah teacher I tu..huhu..wait..cikgu ape eh..cikgu ismail kot..dah arwah cikgu tu..kite sedekah Alfatihah..

^ lunch box ^

^ Having our dinner with Mr Keita ^
^  lunch box ^
After 1 full day training, we were sent by our instructor to a hotel at Itami city. But before that, he treated us for dinner with japanese food at 1 restaurant at Jusco. Actually I 'couldnt go' with the japanese food just like chinese food but for the sake of showing my respect to the trainer, I just jamah jelah sikit. hhmm during that time i just imagined the hotel's bed n lying on the bed..After dinner we were sent to hotel...we were damn exhausted after 1 night travel from KL-Osaka n continued with heavy training..The trainer such understood our condition & told us to refresh ourselves and  see again tomorrow, we checked in the hotel, mandi n solat then terus makan mkanan yg dibawa dr umah..the menu are..nasi impit, sambal tumis (sedap sgt2 MIL kak bhah yg buat) & some sort of makanan dlm peket kari daging if i'm not mistaken..hehe..then, right after makan terus tidur..haha..lena I tidur sbb pasang heater temp paling tinggi..zzzzz

Day 2
^  me.. in front of Itami City Hotel ^

^ with our trainer, Mr Keita ^
Woke up early in the morning and prepared myself for breakfast and waited for the trainer to fetch us up at the  hotel lobby..hrmm..rasa sgt fresh for 2nd day of training after I've got my quality sleep last night. As promised, the trainer pun muncul tepat pada masanya..bagus betul japanese ni tepati masa..The trainer told us that today would be so cold as compared to other day n asked us to be prepared..hehe..mmg sejuk pun..rasa kebas kt pipi ni..the temp time tu was about 1degC..Unfortunately, there was no snow at osaka at that, xdpt la experience main snow time tu..okay, day2 was a practical training while day1 is for theory behind the equipment..A lot of information I've learned during the training & I tried to fully make use of the training by asking many questions to know deeper about the equipment..amanah hantar kita g training baik la dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya..betul x..k..abis training..lewat petang tu our another trainer brought us to tour Osaka city smbil mkn2..horeyy..da abis training..2hari je training..another 2 days were for touring the Universal Studios Japan (USJ) n traveling day for back to KL..hehe..time tu rasa sgt2 la rindu kt encik hubby ku di rumah..dah la time tu baru 3bln kawen. Then kena tggal.. sian dia..T-T. Okay..that night we all dibawa naik feris wheel osaka..huhu..bestnyer..All was fully sponsored by our kind instructor..siap bw makan sushi yg terkenal kt bulding ape bad..lupa lak nama menara tu..just remember tngkat 18..huhu..ermm..train ticket to osaka city from our hotel pun ditaja..bestkan..okay la..after that terus balik hotel n tidur..zzzzz

^ Sushi for us ^

Day 3
Its time to berhoyeh2 di USJ..huhu..Sorry..I'll continue pics, story n what so ever about day 3 & 4 in my next entry..till we meet again=) Thanks for reading..

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cooking class - Soto Bandung

Salam..good day to all..

Today, I want to share with all of u about Soto Bandung..Last Saturday, I attended a class on how to prepare soto bandung.This class was organized by Indonesian sisters n held at Fukuoka Masjid Al Nour Islamic culture center which is the only 1 masjid in Fukuoka..even in Kyushu Island..Last time, I've joined 1 class conducted by Egyptian sister and the menu is called moussaka..I really enjoyed both classes..I was not only learn new recipe from other countries but it gave me the opportunity to meet while having chit chat with others n share everything especially about our life here in Fukuoka.

Ok, back to our soto bandung..hehe...Once they mentioned about soto bandung what was coming across my head is that.. it might be similar with malaysia's soto but the fact is, it is much different.. for soto bandung we put meat in its soup while chicken for Malaysians soto...Another thing is soto bandung is eaten with rice instead of nasi impit for our soto..But for me both have their own taste and I wish to try the recipe at Malaysia some day for my family..I'm sorry coz for this entry I just can share with u the photos of soto bandung..InsyaAllah once I got the recipe from the sister I will update my entry juz bcoz I didn't jot down the recipe that time.. huhu..Okay, what I wish is to attend more cooking class here because actually I really love cooking n hopefully during my stay here I can improve my cooking n baking as well..huhu..currently, I love to google up others blog n video on how to make cakes n also cupcake..hopefully, one day I will manage to bake a delicious cake with beautiful deco for my hubby and mawaddah. mayb for his/her birthday...haha..k..lets see the soto bandung's photos.. 

 *Soto bandung is eaten with keropok, some sort like sambal belacan, chilli sauce, fried bean n kind of vege..
Soto Bandung is ready to eat..yummss...

Ok..tata for now..till we meet again in my next entry...happy working=)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Donut Recipe..

As-salam all..dah berapa hari xmenjenguk ke blog ni..I'm so busy with these couple of, sy nk share a lil bit about my donut recipi..okay, cara2nya adalah:

For 1kg tepung:
  1. 1kg tepung gandum
  2. 1peket instant yeast
  3. 2sudu margerin
  4. 1/2 cawan fresh milk/susu cair 
  5. 2sudu gula (utk dough)
  6. gula halus (untuk digaul dengan donut selepas goreng)
  7. garam secukup rasa
  8. air 1cawan
Cara membuatnya:
  • gaulkan tepung & margerin sehingga betul2 sekata..maksudnya..margerin dah xnampak berketul2.
  • campurkan instant yeast, fresh milk/susu cair, gula, garam dan air 
  • gaulkan semuanya dan harus diingat air mesti ditambah sedikit demi sedikit supaya nanti xterlebih lembik pula dough kita tu..
  • selepas itu, biarkan about 1hour..then bulat2kan seperti dlm gambar..
  • finally, buat lubang ditengah menggunakan tutup botol air supaya bulat semua donut kita nnti nampak almost sama.ermm.dah siap..tggu jap lagi then..ready utk digoreng dan gaulkan dgn gula halus..tadaaa...dah siap pun donut..nyum2..
Resepi ini ehsan from my beloved mummy..Pn Halimah Zainal Abidin..thanks mak..waddah suka sgt donut ni..hehe..k try la resepi ni..mudah je..insyaAllah..

Ops..sbg tambahan, kalau rasa2 nak mkn burger malaysia..pun boleh guna cara di atas juga..cuma jgn buat lubang di tengah..goreng bulat2 tu then bila dah masak hiris separuh kt tengah n isi la sambal tumis ikan bilis n timun..hheeheh..mudah je kan..

Selamat mencuba..

Friday, February 3, 2012

Light snow at Fukuoka

Area Chikushi campus, Kyushu Uni

Area Chikushi campus, Kyushu Uni

Chikushi campus, Kyushu Uni

For those who have asked me about the snow at my place, here I write down a little bit about the situation. At my place, it doesn't have such heavy snow as reported in news. No worries k. Just to share with u guys, it just a light snow as u can see in my pics. Actually these pics were taken by my husband at his campus yesterday (give credits to him).. hehe..Thats all for now..I want to make doughnut for my dear mawaddah.jap g my chenta hati tu da nak bangun..i sure she will ask me "mama, mana doughnut adda?"haha before dia bangun baik I go first n main2 tepung wat doughnut..chauchinchau..take care & best of luck in whatever you do..As-salam..=)

Mawaddah, the sleeping beauty=)

Salam to everyone..Alhamdulillah my little mawaddah baru je tdo, so boleh la mama layan blog jap..Sleep tight2 yer syg..mama nak berbelog jap..ehehe..I've promised to my little mawaddah that I'll make for her doughnut this evening. so, before that..let us layan my next post..

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow 2012 @ Kuju Ski, Oita

Me n my husband otw to Kuju Ski. 
The 1 n only so far, Ainnur Mawaddah
Mawaddah with her new friends
While waiting to buy the entrance ticket

My new friends that help us a lots during our early arrival

Happy moment for both waddah n ayah=)
1 big happy family @Kuju Ski, Oita 2012
As-salam to all..Alhamdulillah this is my 2nd post in my blog..hehe..First of all, thanks coz sudi menghadapkan mata m'baca blog sy ini..ok,dlm entry kali ni, I just wanna share our moments during our winter vacation at Kuju Ski, Oita...Okay, actually for those yg xtahu lagi now sy berada di Japan or more specific at Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka..Tujuannya ke sini..jeng3..adalah menemani en suami t'chenta to further his study..Hopefully, Allah permudahkan setiap perkara yg kami buat disini..especially my en suami punyer PhD..Amin..
Ok, berbalik ke cerita main snow..mmg sgt2 best n, sgt xtahan dgn tempeature yg m'cecah minus kot..xrecord plak temperature time tu..air hidung ni mmg meleleh la sbb sejuk sgt2..View sepanjang perjalanan ke sana dr Fukuoka ke Oita mmg sgt2 menarik..melalui bandar n perkampungan..View dia sgt2 cntik but unfortunately, xdpt nk share kt sini coz xbw camera..huhu..its okay, insyaAllah kami kt sini lama lagi..myb in my next2 entry akan dikongsi bersama pic t'sebut..myb next snow2013...insyaAllah kalau di izinkan Allah..
Thats all for now..n enjoy our pics..actually all these pics mmg da ada kt myfb..hehe..Enjoy again..=)

Salam perkenalan to all=)

Assalam..I'm glad to say Hello to everyone..This is my first post in my blog.Actually, I create this blog to share my life story to those who interested especially my family, relatives, friends n my new friends..As I said to my friends, I have zero knowledge about blogging. Hopefully, day by day I will improve my skill in Blogging..haha..InsyaAllah, now I'm trying my best to make my blog more interesting and I really need your comment indeed..Till we meet again in my next post..take care n best of luck in what ever you do..have a good day=)