Monday, February 13, 2012

Cooking class - Soto Bandung

Salam..good day to all..

Today, I want to share with all of u about Soto Bandung..Last Saturday, I attended a class on how to prepare soto bandung.This class was organized by Indonesian sisters n held at Fukuoka Masjid Al Nour Islamic culture center which is the only 1 masjid in Fukuoka..even in Kyushu Island..Last time, I've joined 1 class conducted by Egyptian sister and the menu is called moussaka..I really enjoyed both classes..I was not only learn new recipe from other countries but it gave me the opportunity to meet while having chit chat with others n share everything especially about our life here in Fukuoka.

Ok, back to our soto bandung..hehe...Once they mentioned about soto bandung what was coming across my head is that.. it might be similar with malaysia's soto but the fact is, it is much different.. for soto bandung we put meat in its soup while chicken for Malaysians soto...Another thing is soto bandung is eaten with rice instead of nasi impit for our soto..But for me both have their own taste and I wish to try the recipe at Malaysia some day for my family..I'm sorry coz for this entry I just can share with u the photos of soto bandung..InsyaAllah once I got the recipe from the sister I will update my entry juz bcoz I didn't jot down the recipe that time.. huhu..Okay, what I wish is to attend more cooking class here because actually I really love cooking n hopefully during my stay here I can improve my cooking n baking as well..huhu..currently, I love to google up others blog n video on how to make cakes n also cupcake..hopefully, one day I will manage to bake a delicious cake with beautiful deco for my hubby and mawaddah. mayb for his/her birthday...haha..k..lets see the soto bandung's photos.. 

 *Soto bandung is eaten with keropok, some sort like sambal belacan, chilli sauce, fried bean n kind of vege..
Soto Bandung is ready to eat..yummss...

Ok..tata for now..till we meet again in my next entry...happy working=)

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