Friday, February 17, 2012

First time I went to Japan (Part 1: Training)


Actually this is my second time come to Japan. My first visit to Japan was in Feb2009 for attending a training on gas adsorption analyzer equipment with kak bihah at Osaka city. My company has bought equipment from BEL, a company in Japan and therefore, we as the user need to attend the training on operational of that equipment..It was winter season and I wanna share with u my first down experience. I prepared from the beginning with the proper winter attire because I truly know myself..seorg yg mmg sggt tidak tahan dengan sejuk even tdo pun pakai kipas  1st speed..haha..same goes to my husband =). Satu benda yg mmg kalau difikirkan takut during this traveling is that i was pregnant for Mawaddah about 4 or 5weeks..Yup..mmg la i was feeling like xsedap badan tp semangat nk g Japan tu, xlayan sgt perasaan tu..if me n my husband knew about this from the beginning of course my husband would think twice (or even more..) for giving me permission to attend the training.. Dah la naik flight at the early stage of preggy..takot..alhamdulillah..Allah maha kuasa..mmg dah ditakdirkan rezeki kami untuk mendapat cahaya mata pertama Ainnur Mawaddah..Waddah dlm perut lg da sampai Japan tau..hehe

Day 1
^ On our way to Osaka from Kansai Airport ^

^ us at BEL entrance lobby^

We departed from KLIA about 11++pm if i'm not mistaken and arrived Kansai Airport at about 6a.m early in the morning..Then we did as planned,straight away bought the ticket to Itami city where was our instructor waiting to fetch us up.. Hmm eventho I ada skit2 jetlag tambahan pulak xdpt tdo lena dlm flight..but we still need to proceed with the training..bila difikirkan..gilosh ape japannese ni..xkan nk terus training..but..I thought that was the key of success of japannese..they are always super duper passion with their their super best in everything they undertake..So, dengan mamainyer me n kbihah layan the training..i tell u what, dah la masih mamai, then kami dihidangkan with theory of the equipment. Technical training tu..woo.rasa nk pecah biji mata ni menahan dr nk t'lelap..teringat plak zaman belajar form 5 dulu..masa tu kelas add math..boley t'tdo n tetibe tgh mimpi yg best..rasa cam ada dulang besar nk jatuh on my head..rupa2nye..u know teacher tepuk meja n shouted loudly "haa..tido..tido.tido lagi" hehe terus fening2 lalat kejap tgk muka my teacher tu dpn mata..haha malu gilosh rasa terus fresh mcm br mandi pg..hehe..luckily, my instructor time tu xwat cam arwah teacher I tu..huhu..wait..cikgu ape eh..cikgu ismail kot..dah arwah cikgu tu..kite sedekah Alfatihah..

^ lunch box ^

^ Having our dinner with Mr Keita ^
^  lunch box ^
After 1 full day training, we were sent by our instructor to a hotel at Itami city. But before that, he treated us for dinner with japanese food at 1 restaurant at Jusco. Actually I 'couldnt go' with the japanese food just like chinese food but for the sake of showing my respect to the trainer, I just jamah jelah sikit. hhmm during that time i just imagined the hotel's bed n lying on the bed..After dinner we were sent to hotel...we were damn exhausted after 1 night travel from KL-Osaka n continued with heavy training..The trainer such understood our condition & told us to refresh ourselves and  see again tomorrow, we checked in the hotel, mandi n solat then terus makan mkanan yg dibawa dr umah..the menu are..nasi impit, sambal tumis (sedap sgt2 MIL kak bhah yg buat) & some sort of makanan dlm peket kari daging if i'm not mistaken..hehe..then, right after makan terus tidur..haha..lena I tidur sbb pasang heater temp paling tinggi..zzzzz

Day 2
^  me.. in front of Itami City Hotel ^

^ with our trainer, Mr Keita ^
Woke up early in the morning and prepared myself for breakfast and waited for the trainer to fetch us up at the  hotel lobby..hrmm..rasa sgt fresh for 2nd day of training after I've got my quality sleep last night. As promised, the trainer pun muncul tepat pada masanya..bagus betul japanese ni tepati masa..The trainer told us that today would be so cold as compared to other day n asked us to be prepared..hehe..mmg sejuk pun..rasa kebas kt pipi ni..the temp time tu was about 1degC..Unfortunately, there was no snow at osaka at that, xdpt la experience main snow time tu..okay, day2 was a practical training while day1 is for theory behind the equipment..A lot of information I've learned during the training & I tried to fully make use of the training by asking many questions to know deeper about the equipment..amanah hantar kita g training baik la dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya..betul x..k..abis training..lewat petang tu our another trainer brought us to tour Osaka city smbil mkn2..horeyy..da abis training..2hari je training..another 2 days were for touring the Universal Studios Japan (USJ) n traveling day for back to KL..hehe..time tu rasa sgt2 la rindu kt encik hubby ku di rumah..dah la time tu baru 3bln kawen. Then kena tggal.. sian dia..T-T. Okay..that night we all dibawa naik feris wheel osaka..huhu..bestnyer..All was fully sponsored by our kind instructor..siap bw makan sushi yg terkenal kt bulding ape bad..lupa lak nama menara tu..just remember tngkat 18..huhu..ermm..train ticket to osaka city from our hotel pun ditaja..bestkan..okay la..after that terus balik hotel n tidur..zzzzz

^ Sushi for us ^

Day 3
Its time to berhoyeh2 di USJ..huhu..Sorry..I'll continue pics, story n what so ever about day 3 & 4 in my next entry..till we meet again=) Thanks for reading..

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