Friday, March 16, 2012

Sponge Checkered Cake

Last wednesday, i've joined a class on how to bake a sponge checkered cake by kak ida. Here, I would like to promote kak ida's blog Check it out all the yummy recipe at the blog..huhu. I will always intai blog kak ida when I run out of ideas to cook. Actually, not even yummy cakes recipe with fantastic deco, you'll find lots of  food recipe as well at the blog. hrmm...As I told in my previous entry, bake my own cake with beautiful deco is one of my wishlist for this year..huhu. I cant' wait to try the recipe as my husband give me strong support to bake a cake just like kak ida`s..hehe..

Anyway, million thanks also to Kak Linda because she has volunteered to be the host for the class..The class is really good n helpful especially for those who are beginners in baking cake like me..I've gained a lot of tips & knowledge about baking cake...the cake decoration..From the icing preparation until the best nozzle to be used to get the best look for the cake..I like it=)..byk betul benda yg xtau about baking cake ni=) So, I've asked a lot of weird questions to our Mrs. Chef..Nasib baik kak ida tu baik..dia layan jer..hehe.. Orait, lets enjoy some of the pics that I've snap during the class..Again, for the recipe you may visit Kak Ida's blog Find the sponge cake recipe by yourself..hehe..sorry, due to the over excited in the class, I didn't jot down the recipe because If i need the recipe I just go to kak ida's blog. It`s easy right..hehe..I beg your forgiveness, dear..

* Egg with Ovalett *

* sponge cake is in progress *

* 1st layer of checkered cake *

 * Deco2 is in progress *
* chocolate looks xsekata due to the over heated during double boiled - mengikut kata chef *

* sponge checkered cake with others delicious food for our lunch *

* yummsss *
* sponge checkered cake is ready to eat *

In all, I wish to suggest you to try the recipe since the taste is soo yummy.. Don't forget to explore kak ida's blog...Bye bye n As-Salam =)  


  1. rajinnya rozan...nmpk sedap tu!

    saje blogwalking ;)

    1. hehe..mmg sedap pun kek kakak ni ajar..baru2 blajar nk buat kek..jd perantau ni mmg kena rajin kan..=)