Sunday, March 18, 2012

First time I went to Japan (Part 2: Universal Studios Japan)

By referring to my previous entry on my first visit to Japan -------> Actually this is my second time come to Japan. My first visit to Japan was in Feb2009 for attending a training on gas adsorption analyzer equipment with kak bihah at Osaka city. My company has bought equipment from BEL, a company in Japan and therefore, we as the user need to attend the training on operational of that equipment..It was winter season and I wanna share with u my first down experience...

Day 3

Good morning dear, as promised in my previous entry.. here I upload some pics during my visit to USJ 3 yrs ago. Amazingly how fast time flies..3years already..rasa baru je lagi..Actually, I xlarat nk describe panjang lebar as my previous entry..nak cepat to prepare breakfast for my hubby..hehe..k enjoy the pics..

* Train to USJ *
* xsangka dpt g USJ *
* hoho USJ sign board *
* On train to USJ *

* singgah jap snap pic in front of Hard Rock Cafe USJ *

* Luckily we got discount to enter USJ due to Valentines day but  we need to hugs each other in order to get the love pass *
* In front of USJ entrance *

* welcome to Universal Studios Japan *
* me & Universal Studios trademark *

* 4D Cinema *

* in front of  souvenirs shop *

* Ready to watch 4D movie- Shrek 4D Adventure *

* The Amazing Adventure of Spider-Man: The Ride *
* Before going in to ride the E.T Adventure *

* So cold & exhausted but really enjoyed *

* Jurassic Park -The ride *
* me & kak bihah *
* me yg suka sgt2 posing *

* Studios style in pink *

* I love this shop pretty much *

* Jurassic Outfitters : I bought t-shirt for my sister here *
* InsyaAllah since dah ada di bumi sakura ni, boleh ajak hubby n mawaddah  to come here again *
* peace from USJ souvenirs shop *

* Night view at Hard Rock Cafe *

* I bought Hard Rock Cafe Osaka T-shirt for my dear hubby *

* thanks to the police women for guiding me to buy ticket *

* haha sempat lg nk pose dgn souvenir yg dibeli for hubby n my family *

* On my way to hotel sempat lg shopping tepung udang tempura for my mum *

I found at USJ website that Universal Wonderland has been launched which has a total of 28 facilities in the cute and colorful new are featuring popular characters. I wish to bring my hubby & mawaddah to USJ some day. Since dah ada di bumi sakura ni kena jugak pergi sekali lagi..hehe..

Day 4

Travelling day back to Kuala Lumpur..



  1. wahhh rozan..dia dh sampai USJ rupanya, k'ida jer lum sampai2 lagi ni, so nice!....I just followed

  2. hehe..tu 3tahun lepas kak ida..nnti kita kecek cik abg g usj eh..xpuas main aritu..byk lagi yg sy xsempat nk main..best2 k.ida..kita mesti pergi..=)