Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Exploring Fukuoka Part 1: Ohori & Maizuru Park

As-salam all.
* Me n my dear mawaddah *
Just wanna share with you guys some pics of me n my friends during our trip to Ohori Park & Maizuru Park last Friday.. Just for the sake of experience the beautiful of ume flower ( ume no hana) which can only blooming about 1-2 weeks before sakura..We were really enjoyed having picnic under ume tree while enjoying the breathtaking scenery..New experience of mine & Mawaddah as well..All pics are credits to Kak Amy and Kak Ida=) I xder camera canggih lagi..huhu

* Ohori Park *

* Najima gate *


* Picnic under ume tree *

* Excited posing by mawaddah *

* Thanks kakak2 because bring us to this breathtaking scenery *

* Beautiful scenery *

* With Kak Amy *

* Bye2 ume no hana..see again next year *


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